The Word took us to the past of Jerusalem’s Lot and Castle Rock. It showed us the origin of our undead cult. Their leader had a very familiar face. The question is how long has he been in the Rock.

The Word of Amity:

CRZ20 - The Word - Amity

©2019 Hulu Photo: Dana Starbard/Hulu

Amity Lambert (Mathilde Dehaye) was the daughter New Jerusalem’s head man and the lover of the pastor Pere Augustin (David Alpay. Their crops are dying and they need a word from the Lord. Amity lays all the blame at her father’s feet. When she tries to testify she goes into a seizure. She is chained up and Pere Augustin pleads for her. But her father, Marius Lambert (Thomas K. Belgrey), knows that the Pere has been sleeping with his daughter. He kicks them both out of the town. They wander towards what will be know as Castle Lake. He is taken ill and she is looking for food. Up on the cliffs, where Warden Lacy will one day drive off of and Henry Deaver disappear from, she finds a fire and a figure. This angel of light is really a demon in disguise. It is The Kid (Bill Skarsgard).

Amity makes a deal with the devil and her town is flushing again. She is hailed as their prophet. She has her father and his men burned on upside down crosses. Those who will not follow her directed teachings of the angle are kicked out. Amity and Pere desecrate the church and erect a carved image of the angle. But the deal goes bad and hunger returns. Amity is desperate to get an answer for her people. The bugs we have seen all season come swarming out of the image and Amity has her answer.

They dig under the church and create the catacombs. They build coffins. Each member of the town are fed one of the bugs and then their throats are slit. They will return in new bodies in 400 years. Amity gives final instructions to Pere before he kills her and then himself.

Pop’s Word Holds No Power:

©2019 Hulu Photo by: Dana Starbard/Hulu

©2019 Hulu Photo by: Dana Starbard/Hulu

Pop is trying to make amends for his past, but he discovers that things are going south. He heads to Shawshank to meet with his brother-in-law, Ace & Chris’ dad. John is a vet like Pop, but he was a mean drunk and killed Pop’s sister. That is how Pop became the guardian of the boys. Pop forgives John, but John is not having it. He says Ace visited him and he hardly recognized him and now Pop. Pop is shaken. He questions the guard about Ace’s visit. It seems Ace kicked in some money to visit F Block and Warden Lacey’s secret cell. It was locked from the outside, but it was empty except for a set of prison sweats. Pop finds out Ace is at the Marsten house and then heads over.

Pop is stunned with the restoration and the artwork. He is looking over the map on the table when Ace shows up. Ace says he has lived a hard life and now has a group of like minded people around him. Ace wants Pop to join them. Pop pushes back, but the cult members have Ace’s back. Pop leaves and tries to warn Abdi, but Abdi cannot believe him. Abdi later sees for himself the madness.

The Cult is making plans for the 400th anniversary parade. They have one hang up. Annie is in custody and Sheriff Boucher is assigned to get her out. He fails and Abdi sees him being burned at the stake. The Parade travels from The Lot to The Rock and ends in front of the church. Pop sees Ace on the platform and wants to stop him, but he is held back by the police. The Pastor (Aaron Staton) gives a speech honoring the and presents a gift. It is the statue of the angel. When it is unveiled everyone looking at it is mesmerized. Ace gives the word that things will start and end there. Pop runs away because he was not looking directly at the image.

The Word of Annie:

CRZ20 - The Word - Annie

©2019 Hulu Photo by: Dana Starbard/Hulu

Annie is giving her word that Rita’s death is her fault. She says that Rita broke in and was trying to steal from her. She confesses and says that Joy played no role in it. The deputy questions her about her drugs and the story. Annie pleads to see Joy. She tells Joy not to let them break her an to let her save Joy this time. The deputy comes in and is going to take both to jail.

King Connections:

The flashback to 1619 takes place before the King story of Jerusalem’s Lot, but it still reminds us of it. It also reminds us of how the evil of the Vampire in Salem’s Lot could be attracted here. We see a lot of art on the walls of the Marsten house. One reminds me of the Dark Tower. Pop’s brother-in-law is in Shawshank for the murder of his wife. Tim Robbins played a man accused of murdering his wife and put in Shawshank in the Shawshank Redemption. We see a boy in a clown costume with a balloon in the parade, could this be a shout out to IT? A small shout out in the parade was that beautiful 1958 Plymouth Fury. It was a shout out to Christine. So that is our pick of the week.

This week’s book is Christine. Here is a link to the BookAudiobook and Movie.

Closing Thoughts:

The Word blew my mind. I knew this would be surprising episode when Hulu didn’t release any photos or description about it. It was very interesting to see the cult’s story from the beginning. We know that the Kid took advantage of them, but it seems like the land was bad before they even got there. Something tells me as long as people have been in the Lot & Rock area the Kid has been there. It was a real surprise to see the Kid/Bill back. This leaves us asking questions about last season. Was the Henry from the other world taken over by the Kid? Did the Kid just steal his appearance? Did the Kid travel back in time? We just don’t know and that is exciting.


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