The Mother looked at Joy’s two mothers. Who will she choose? Will any escape tragedy? This is Castle Rock so the answer is no! Plus we get more insight into Ace and his cult. Things are not good in the Rock or the Lot!

The Mother Rita vs Annie:

CRZ19 - The Mother - Rita Joy Annie

©2019 Hulu Photo: Dana Starbard/Hulu

Rita has moved from California to New York to escape her past and joined AA to help with her addictions. All she wants to do is find her Evangeline and be the mother she was meant to be. She makes it to the Rock and finds Chance, who stonewalls her. But Vera overhears and finds her later for the cash reward. Annie sees her and runs back in the house.

Joy has been taken to a group home by Nadia and the next morning a CPS agent Bannerman talks to her through the door. He asks about her work, if she has documents on Joy and wants to come in. She lies and puts him off. She heads to the group home to talk with Joy. However the receptionist says Joy is talking with her mother. Annie watches from the outside, mirroring last episode where she watched her father’s life from the outside. Rita tells Joy the whole story. Joy is shaken to her core. However she will not allow Rita to call Annie her sister. Rita says she is not there for Annie. She wants to know what Joy wants. Joy tells her to come back later. Rita hits the bar, Annie pops her pills and writes Joy a letter and Joy cries herself to sleep.

Joy has Chance break her out of the home and they are hiding in the woods around Castle Lake. Joy has called Annie and she comes with her letter. They talk things out, but Joy just cannot accept Annie due to the fact Annie was going to kill both of them after murdering their father and attempting to kill Rita. Annie says it was Joy that saved them with her laugh and that the only thing that keeps her straight is Joy. Anne leaves and Chance offers to get them to North Carolina where her step-sister will let them stay. But Joy reads Annie’s letter and has a change of heart.

Rita is waiting for Annie at cabin 19. Joy has called Rita and refused to go with her. Rita confronts Annie and calls her out for snapping about the book dedication, because it made her feel small. Rita takes her into the woods at gunpoint. Annie escapes and struggles with Rita. But Rita is about to shoot Annie when Joy yells out “mom.” Both women look at her. Joy dopes Rita with the emergency knock out drug. Rita tries to fire but the gun drops and shoots her in the stomach. Joy is overwhelmed thinking she killed Rita. Annie is trying to save her, when the cops show up. Annie sees Joy and takes the blame.

The Mother and Prophetess of The Lot:

CRZ19 - The Mother - Chris Ace

©2019 Hulu Photo: Dana Starbard/Hulu

Pere Augustin in the body of Ace, is working with his re-woven cult members to bring everyone back. The last will be his love and the mother prophetess of the cult, Amity Lambert. Ace thinks he has the perfect body, in Annie Wilkes. It seems that Amity predicted this and she will take a body in 4 days time. 400 years to the day. But Heather, one of the people killed and put in the coffins came out wrong. It seems that the weaving process is hindered by mood altering drugs. If they find out about Annie and her drugs, it will through their plans off. I wonder if they will take Rita instead? We still don’t know the full purpose and plan of this cult. But we know much more of the process after this week.

But these Cult members speak French and have been around for 400 years. Last season on Castle Rock, we heard Matthew Deaver talk on tape about how the Rock had been bad since the French settlers died and only one survived by eating the corpses. In the Final episode, we saw in the schisma bubble an image of that woman. Her name is Amity according to IMDB. So here is another tie back to last season. Here is a photo from that episode of Mathilde Dehaye playing Amity Lambert.

CRZ19 - The Mother - Amity

©2019 Hulu Photo: Dana Starbard/Hulu

Nadia Has The Mother of Info Hangovers:

CRZ19 - The Mother - Chris Nadia

©2019 Hulu Photo: Dana Starbard/Hulu

Nadia help joy out and then head back to home. She has ignored Pop’s phone call, but takes a listen to his voicemail. She listens to his confession and finds out Abdi has known for 5 years. She kicks Abdi out of her house and is left reeling. She goes to Chris’ loft. He is the only reason she has to stick around. But she wants to run away. He listens to her and has her enjoy his wine. But we know this is not Chris, but Bertrand. What lies in store for her at his hands?

King Connections:

Chance a.k.a. Georgia Lachance is a shout out to Gordon Lachance in “The Body” Stand By Me. The Child and Protective Services agent that questions Annie through the door is Steve Bannerman. Sheriff George Bannerman. He appeared in The Body, Dead Zone, and Cujo.
That woman, Heather, rushed up to Nadia’s car, frothing at the mouth, in a way that is reminiscent of Captain Tripps from The Stand. We the cult/witches killing people and putting them in coffins only for them to rise again. One of the ones waiting to be brought back is Amity Lambert. Mary Lambert was the director of the 1989 version for Pet Sematary.

This week’s book is Pet Sematary. Here is a link to the BookAudiobook and Movie.

Closing Thoughts:

The Mother was continued the revelations we started to see in last week’s episode. It threw Joy in between two mothers who both desperately want her. Would she choose one mother over the other or run away with Chance to NC. It seems like she choose Annie, but we may never know. I really enjoyed the revelations of how the cult members were woven into the new bodies. We still have no clue what their end game is, but I cannot wait to find out. It seems hard to believe that we are in the back half of the season now. It has been a great one so far. We have loved covering it for you and having your thoughts and theories on the podcast!


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