Restore Hope gave us the full backstory of how Pop tried to make up for his past deeds. Annie looses hope after Joy leaves. Ace and his cult are stealing hope by taking over people.

Loss of Hope

CRZ17 - Restore Hope - Pop Pastor

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Pop gets some bad news that the cancer treatment is not working. He decides not to fight anymore. Nadia and Chris both try to talk him out of it. He loses hope of coming clean to Nadia, after talking with Pastor Appleton (Aaron Staton). He decides to throw a wake. He invites all of his friends and associates. He even give his own eulogy.

Meanwhile Nadia is pushing for treatments and finds several open through the veteran’s affairs organization. But she needs his discharge papers. She searches at his house with no luck. After sleeping with Chris, she heads to the Emporium and finds the papers there, however she is confronted by two of the goons that work for Ace’s protection racket. They want to punish her for Ace, but she takes out a hidden gun and defends herself. Later she goes over his service records and finds out Pop served in Somalia. She realizes what Abdi already knows. He killed their mother. He brought in the Somalis and took in Abdi and Nadia as penitence for his crimes.

She goes the the wake and she and Pop have a dance while she confronts him about his time in Somali. He confirms he took them in because he felt guilty. He is left a broken man as she walks away.

The Ravening Angel of Hope?:

CRZ17 - Restore Hope - Annie Joy

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Annie is desperate to find Joy. Chance breaks in and takes Joy’s clothes and manages to slip them and the locked toolbox out of the window before Annie comes in. Annie threatens Chance wanted to know where Joy is, but Chance will not tell. Joy takes the bus to Castle Rock and ends up at the shelter in the church. Nadia does a free medical clinic there each week. She sees Joy there and they have an in depth conversation about trying to fix things. They call Annie. Nadia sits her down to say Joy is with her. They have a confrontation about Joy’s dad. Joy needs help and so does Annie. There is no work for Annie until she gets help. Annie heads over to Nadia’s. She is confronted by Abdi with a gun. He makes it clear that Joy doesn’t want to come with her.

Later Chance comes with Joy’s things. She says she put minuets on Joy’s phone so Joy can call her.  Joy finally figures out the comb is 1225, Christmas, Joy! Inside is the car plates and a shiny revolver. Joy buries it in the yard. There is also an envelop with a date on it 7/9/2004 (or 9/7/2004). Inside is a CD-ROM it contains a PDF of “The Ravening Angel.” The lines we can read are lines that we have heard in the midst of Annies visions. What does this have to do with Annie and what does it have to do with Joy?

Cult Kills Hope:

CRZ17 - Restore Hope - Cult

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Ace and his people are taking over the Lot and the Rock one person at a time. After Pop’s wake, we see each of Ace’s cult kill a person. Ace takes Chris to the church and wants to take him into the cult, but Chris is not having it. He fight and gets away from Ace, but it turns out Pastor Appleton has been taken over. He kills Chris. We now have a Somali construction worker, realtor, sheriff, bartender, teen, and council woman all taken over. Are they still in those bodies, or are they totally gone, We just don’t know!

King Connections:

CRZ17 - Restore Hope - Tommyknockers Movie
Here is a link to the Movie

Here is a link to the Book and Audiobook.

Closing Thoughts:

Restore Hope did very little of that during this episode. Hope was dashed, crushed and killed. I found the episode’s pacing to be off. The story split between the cult and the Pop/Joy storylines was uneven. It was a build up episode, but very uneven. However, Tim Robbins knocked it out of the park as Pop. He portrayed such depth and range of emotions and I loved it. I hope he is nominated for his work on this series. The scene between he and Yusra was so heartbreaking. I cannot wait to see what happens next.


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