Ties That Bind saw trust pushed to the limit between Annie and Joy. Ace is back from the dead and looking to take over the Marsten House, who or what brought him back and why do they need a child bearing woman?

Joy Cuts The Ties That Bind:

CRZ16 - Ties That Bind - Joy

©2019 Hulu Photo: Dana Starbard/Hulu

Joy is starting to rebel and takes a chance with Chance and her friends to blow off some steam. Chance comes and asks if she wants to go and look for a dead guy. They have heard Ace is dead and are going to search Castle Lake for him. Joy is resistant at first, but she decides to go. Vera, Timothy, Chance and Joy have a blast out on the lake. They have so much fun because the brownies Chance brought were Pot brownies. It is all fine until they loose an oar. Embolden from the loosened ties, Joy jumps in and get the oar. She hears a weird noice under the water, is it the schisma? At the Lodge Chance tells her to keep her phone on as she leans in for what I thought was a going to be a kiss.

Annie Looses Ties To Reality:

CRZ16 - Ties That Bind - Annie

©2019 Hulu Photo: Dana Starbard/Hulu

After seeing Ace, Annie suspects her meds are off and asked Nadia about it. She has searched the cabin but found no sign of the murder. She goes to the Somali site but the hole is cemented over. She heads up to the Marsten house. The place is much cleaner and some one is doing some restoration. Annie finds the door to the basement locked. Then a large Somali man, covered in goo turns to her and she freaks out.

Back at cabin 19, Joy arrives to a shaken Annie. Annie tells her that she killed Ace, but he is back. Joy knows she is off and that it is an emergency. She knocks out Annie with a hypo. She then ties her up in the bedroom. She has researched and the drugs Annie has been taken are correct. She gives Annie the drugs, but she secretly spits them out for the mice to eat. Joy finds out that Ace has been seen alive. Joy refuses to release Annie. Annie talks about how everything she has done is to protect Joy. Joy’s father didn’t want her so she ran with Joy and the cops chased. She says that his is on his way to get them. Joy asks if that is her dad or Ace. Joy sees the dead mice and the pills and knows Annie has been beed full of lies. Dr. Nadia is at the door and Joy says Annie is unwell. Annie breaks a glass and uses the shard to cut the ties that bind her. Joy runs from bloody crazy Annie. Annie runs out to chase her but sees the Tall Man. Her meds don’t work quickly enough and the Tall Man says Annie will kill Joy.

Pop Is In A Bind With His Family:

CRZ16 - Ties That Bind - Pop

©2019 Hulu Photo: Dana Starbard/Hulu

Abdi frees himself and locks up Bobby, the dog. He then takes Pop to the hospital. Pop has had a stroke and Nadia is caring for him. Nadia questions him about what happened. Pop says if he were Abdi, he would have left him there. Pop knows he hurt Abdi and Nadia cannot get in touch with him. Later a much changed Ace arrives at the hospital. Pop confronts him for disappearing and firebombing Nadia & Abdi’s house. Ace is just acting strange and leaves.

Later Nadia finally catches up with Abdi. Abdi says he should have let Pop die. But he remembers the look on Nadia’s face when their mother died. He didn’t want to see that look again. He knows that she loves Pop.

Ace Wants To Bind Others:

CRZ16 - Ties That Bind - Ace

©2019 Hulu Photo: Dana Starbard/Hulu

Our returned to life Ace, confronts Pop and is seen around town. But He seems to be working for the forces below the Marsten House. He is driving along the roads of Castle Rock drinking red wine and listening to opera. He is pulled over by Sherriff Boucher (Greg Grunberg). Boucher comes to the wrecker with gun drawn.

Later at the Marsten house, Realtor Valerie Blount (Alison Wright) arrives. She is divorced with a kid and her husband is demanding support. Ace surprises her. She starts to spin a rosy picture of the house. But Ace cuts to the truth, Marsten was a gangster, practiced black magic, lost his mind, shot his wife, hanged himself. She laughs it off, but then Ace questions her if she can still have kids. They go inside and the place is a regular construction site. Plastic is down on the floors, there are ladders and scaffolds, paint cans and more in the house. Someone is making the place over or restoring it to its’ former glory. Valerie is very confused. She hears noises upstairs and heads up. In the bathroom tub Sherriff Boucher is covered in goo. He crawls out and toward Valerie. She turns to run and there is Ace with a large chain.

King Connections:

Stand By Me

Check out the movie from Amazon or iTunes.

Different Seasons Book

Here is a link to the Book and Audiobook.

The Jerusalem’s Lot short story revealed that a cult of witches founded the town. Is this who Ace is working for? Pop asks where Ace has been and he says Derry where the dead come back in IT. Chance asks Joy if she wants to find a dead body. That takes us to The Body/Stand By Me. It deals with Ace and rumors of a dead body. We know it is a repeat but a worthy one.

Closing Thoughts:

Ties That Bind was an interesting episode that left us ready for the next episode. Elise Fisher, as Joy, really shines. She has to convey the concern for Annie, resolve to do what is best, and anger at being lied to. For a newer actor to walk this out is amazing and to do that opposite Lizzy Caplan is amazing. I look forward to what we will see Joy go through this season and see her shine. I just wonder if she will make it out of Castle Rock. Is Joy’s father the Tall Man (John Hoogenakker)? Is Joy’s father also her grandfather? So many questions! Are people being resurrected or taken over by the forces under the Marsten house? We will see.


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