A Misery book and movie discussion seams like the perfect way to get ready for season 2 of Castle Rock. Annie Wilkes is in Castle Rock and we are ready to see how her time there will shape her.

Misery Book & Movie

Wayne and I take the time to dig into what we enjoyed about the book as well as the movie. The discussion on Misery Book is deep, but fun. The movie was well acted, but still lacking. Rob Reiner did a fair job of adapting the book. Kathy Bates rocked Annie Wilkes it will be wild to see how Lizzy Caplan will stack up. There will be no Paul Sheldon, that we know of, in Castle Rock so James Cann has no competition.

King Connections:

Well this season of Castle Rock we are looking at a much younger Annie Wilkes. While this season may not play directly into the Annie we see in the book and movie, it could in some level of the Tower. So we would suggest you take a look at both Misery and Salem’s Lot.

This week’s Book/Audiobook is Misery.

Here is a link to the Book and Movie

Special Interview:

To get ready for season 2 we brought in our friends Fadra Nally & Shannon Entin, from the Stinger TV & Movie Podcast.They attended the New York Comicon and got some scoop series from the Castle Rock panel and an interview with some of the cast. So we were grateful  to have them on the podcast and share with us! Also be sure to check out their Facebook group here.


Here is what we know about the first 3 episodes all dropping on 10/23/2019!

2 x 1:  “Let The River Run” A nurse gets waylaid in Castle Rock.
2 x 2: “New Jerusalem” The Merrills search for answers.
2 x 3 ” Ties That Bind” Annie tastes her own medicine.

Season 2 Game Plan:

Wayne and I will record shorter podcast about the first 3 episodes. Record your feedback and we will do a special feedback podcast. Then starting with episode 4 we will go week to week with Feedback being due by Friday’s at 2pm.

Sound Off:

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