Henry Deaver was the man er men of the hour this week. We learned that The Kid was Henry Deaver from a different reality. To quote The Dark Tower “…there are other worlds than these.”

The Kid Is Henry:

CRZ11 - Henry Deaver - Henry Marren

The Kid’s real name IS Henry Matthew Deaver and he came from another world/reality. In this reality he is the child of Matthew and Ruth, but Alan convinced Ruth to leave Matthew. Ruth and Henry ran off to Boston and Alan quickly followed. Ruth still developed Alzheimer’s disease. This inspired Henry to find a cure. He became a doctor and has found promise in a brain implant. He has a happy life with is wife Marren. They have been trying for a month for a child and she is a day late on her period. But things go off the rails when he gets a call from Alan. Ruth is fine. The call is about Matthew.

Henry heads back to Castle Rock for the first time since he was 12. The town is prospering. The downtown is filled with businesses and the Mellow Tiger is a gastro pub. Henry decided to walk the rest of the way. He passes through the harvest festival, by his dad’s old church which is looking sharpe, and on to his old house. Inside the place is a wreck and almost like a hoarder’s paradise. There are piles of junk, papers and even rotting food everywhere. Henry looks out of his room and remembers the flash lights with Molly. He sees a car at her house and walks over. Molly’s sister thinks he is there to buy the house. Molly comes out and is blown away that it is Henry. They have a drink at the Mellow Tiger. Molly is the city council chair and everyone loves her. In this reality her sister is the screw up.

When Henry gets back to the house a fuse blows and he heads to the basement to fix it. There he finds a boy locked in a cage. It is the Henry from our universe/reality. They police and EMT’s come to check him out. Dennis Zalewski is a Castle Rock police officer and he questions Henry about his dad and The Kid. He says the kid is only saying the name Henry Deaver. The Kid hears the Schisma and makes a run for the woods, but is caught.

Henry questions everything about his past and his dad. He finds a tape recorder and learns that his dad has been documenting the crazy things that have happened in the Rock, the Schisma, and more. Henry fines more tapes in the shed. The tapes are numbered one for each week and there are 1400. 27 years of tapes and Henry finds several that shock him. He plays them for Molly. It turns out that The Kid showed up at Matthew’s back door calling him Dad and saying he heard the Schisma and woke up in the woods. Molly and Henry head off to talk with The Kid.

Henry The Kid:

CRZ11 - Henry Deaver - Young Henry Molly

Now we know where Henry was for those 10 days. He spend 27 years in a different reality. When he ran off from his Matthew in the woods, he heard the Schisma and was overwhelmed. He woke up and it was Spring and not Winter. Castle Rock was different and no one recognized him. He made it to the house. The thinks it is his dad and tells him all about it. This Matthew is overjoyed. He questions him and finds out the whole story. He realizes that he knows things only a real son would. But thinks The Kid is the devil and locks him up in a cage in the basement. They spend 27 years together. The Kid learns soap carving (where he got the figure we saw him with in episode 1) like Matthew taught Henry. But The Kid never aged. Matthew thought about letting him go, but didn’t give in. Matthew couldn’t take it anymore and committed suicide out on Castle Lake by shooting himself.

The Kid has been take away by the police, probably to Juniper Hill. Henry and Molly arrive to a place on fire. 7 are dead and 10 are missing and the police think Henry did it. Henry and Molly head to the Castle Rock PD and Molly uses her position to get to interview The Kid. He is sensitive to light so Molly gives him sun glasses (not the same as our Molly’s). The Kid shares that his roommate at the facility got too close and the fire started. The Schisma is too loud for The Kid and he says they have to get to the woods. Molly touches him and sees The Kid’s memories and also those of the other Molly. Molly convinces Sheriff Jim to let The Kid stay at her place for the night. Henry, Molly and The Kid leave trailed by Dennis.

They are on the way home, but Molly is still getting flashes of the other reality. She floors the car and the train blocks Dennis. They head into the woods. The Kid runs and stops in a clearing. He is in the Schisma/Thinny, but the others cannot see it. Molly walks up and touches him and is in it now. The see a French settler with a knife who ate her family to survive and follow her. Henry and Dennis chase them with Dennis firing warning shots. In the Thinny reality is distorted the sun is strange and hundreds of crows are flying around. One hits and kills Molly. Molly tells Henry to help The Kid and then Henry is in the Thinny. He sees escaped prisoners being chased and a teen from the 60’s or 70’s killing herself. He is then in a snowing woods. He walks around and sees The Kid out on a frozen Castle Lake and a young Henry running to meet him.

We jump back to our reality. This has been a story Henry/The Kid has been telling to our Molly. He says the wandered around for a while trying to get home until Dale Lace found him and locked him up in Shawshank. He says they must get to the woods and asks if Molly believes him.

King Connections:

Thanks to David for one we missed last week. Wendell got off the bus in Jersalem’s Lot. The whole premise of this episode sets up the Stephen King multi-verse found in the Dark Tower series. In The Kid’s universe we see several businesses in the thriving town. One is the Castle Rock Call. King’s short story The Man in The Black Suit has a character that works at the Call. All those birds we see and have seen in the series call back to The Dark Half One of the other stores in town is the Claiborne Creamer. This is a shout out to Dolores Claiborne. Plus the sun in this episode reminds me of a solar eclipse like the one in Dolores Claiborne.

This week’s movie is Dolores Claiborne.

Dolores Claiborne Movie

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Dolores Claiborne Book

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Closing Thoughts:

“Henry Deaver” was a mind bending episode and a great penultimate episode. This episode was an altered mirror episode. We saw events we had seen previously but altered and changed. With Dale and Matthew swapping roles and the Henry’s swapping places. It seems that passing through the Schisma/Thinny is both a time and reality/world trip. Our Henry goes forward in time as well as across to another reality. He does not age. The Kid Henry goes back in time and does not age. It seems as if Matthew caging Henry along with Ruth taking Henry away makes Castle Rock a much better place. So it leads me to ask is either Henry evil or does a reality have having 2 Henry’s make one evil? But it does seem like reality is worse with our Henry growing up and an adult Henry. We have to wonder will Molly be able to help The Kid get back home or will they need our Henry to help? Will our Molly go with The Kid? That reality’s Molly is dead and her life would be much better there. We will have to wait and see. It was a great episode!


Here is the synopses of the last episode.

Episode 10:  Romans – Some birds can be caged.

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