Past Perfect saw us move in to the Stephen King horror aspects of the show. Gordon and Lilith bought the Lacy home to turn it into a B-N-B with a murder theme, but when Henry shows up things get deadly.

Is Henry Perfect or Past Perfect:

CRZ10 - Past Perfect - Henry Kid

Using her gifts Molly is able to find Henry and free him from The Filter. He is shaken and unsure of everything. He and Molly connect on the drive home. But things are not good at home. Ruth is asleep and the house looks OK, but The Kid is there. Wendell makes it back too. Henry follows The Kid to the shed where The Kid shows him Alan. He says that Ruth was scared and confused and killed Alan. Wendell has called the cops and The Kid slips out the back. Wendell tells his dad about Ruth sending him out and that he slept in the church. Ruth confesses to shooting, but she thinks it was Matthew. He came back and she shot him to protect Henry & Wendell.

Henry has a run in with Officer Reese, but has pined the blame on The Kid. Reese blames him for all the bad things happening and says he is living up the the nickname he had as a kid, black death. Henry sends Wendell off to Boston and says he will join him later. But t seems that both henry and Wendell are hearing the schisma now. Wendell gets off the bus later and heads back to town.

Henry talks with Molly and fills her in on The Kid. The Kid said he rescued Henry and waited 27 years for him. He asks Molly about the Lacy basement and then heads over there. He finds no one at home and breaks in. He seems to remember the basement and then goes upstairs. In finds the room full of paintings of The Kid. He sees that they are all of The Kid at the same age. He checks the date and sees they are from many years dating back to 1991. The 1991 photo is of The Kid wearing the same sweater Henry was wearing in the photo on the missing photos.

After Jackie’s rescue, Henry is in shock when he gets a call from Rev. Appleton. Ruth came into the church asking if Alan was dead this time. He offered to take her home but she left confused. Henry speeds off, fleeing the police. He is trying to find his mom.

Gordon and Lilith Past Perfect:

CRZ10 - Past Perfect - Gordon Lilith

Gordon was a university professor who snapped on a junior professor because he slept with Lilith. They moved across the country in an attempt to make a fresh start. They chose Castle Rock because of its’ murderous history. It is perfect for a real crime themed Bed & Breakfast. They buy the Lacy place and begin to fix it up. The put mannequins on display to sho some of the crimes committed in the house. Lilith finds the key to the basement and they discover a large number of Dale Lacey’s paintings. They are all of The Kid. They hang them all over the house and put a large number in one room.

Lilith puts on her lingerie and wants to patch things up with Gordon, but he is not ready. They get a call and have their first clients. They start to regale the couple about the town and house’s history. The couple are not interested. They chose the place because they needed a sleepy town because they are cheating on their spouses. That night the sounds of their lovemaking is keeping Gordon up. His wife’s infidelity, the town, the house and most powerfully the paintings of The Kid have gotten to Gordon. He goes in their room and kills both of them. Lilith comes in and is shocked.

They are almost done cleaning up the mess the next day. They’ve cut the bodies to pieces and put them in trash bags. But they the a surprise visit from Jackie. She wants to throw business their way if they will do the same. She sees the mannequin in the living room and is jealous. She thought of doing a murder theme park 5 years ago but they beat her to it. She tells them to story of the axe murderer but corrects them on the type of axe. She even offers to work as a docent. But they push her off. Not before she sees the trash bags and a bloody bracelet.

Gordon and Lilith return and find Henry in their house. He is going to leave but Lilith stabs him. They begin to fight and she cuts her throat. Gordon chases Henry out and is about to kill him. Jackie saves him by sinking an axe in Gordon’s head.

The Kid Digs Up Molly’s Past:

CRZ10 - Past Perfect - Molly Kid

The Kid runs away from the cops at the Deaver home, but not too far. He has broken into Molly’s childhood home. Henry and Molly talk and Henry says The Kid is like an amplifier. He doesn’t do the things but causes others to do them. Later, Molly cannot get The Kid out of her head and she does not want to be alone. She calls Henry and says she is coming over. She has taken multiple pills and makes her way into town. She sees the broken door at her house and heads in. The Kid is waiting for her. It seems like he knows every aspect of her past, how the house looked in her childhood and more. Molly is stoned and that dampens her fear, but she is intrigued. She has seen visions and one of them is her dead in the woods. The Kid tells her Henry is not ready but she is. Later he says he knows all these things because he was in the woods watching and she died out there.


King Connections:

Gordon talks about Castle Rock being the murder capitol of 1991. This takes us back to the 27 year cycle. It reminds me of IT. Is there something or some one in Castle Rock behind this cycle of violence? Or does something in the Rock draw bad things there. We had Leland Gaunt drawn there in Needful Things to open his shop. His intentions were for power and evil. Gordon & Lilith opened up shop in the Rock to get away but it drove them to murder. So maybe the Rock just intensifies what is already in people. You have Jackie Torrence fascinated with murder and knowing about axes. Plus you have her use one in the episode, who can’t think about her namesake Jack in The Shining. Jackie gives the whole story of Johnny Carrick to Gordon. If that last name rings a bell for you, you might be thinking of Bruce Carrick from The Dead Zone. So that is our movie and book of the week.

Dead Zone Movie

Check out the movie from Amazon or iTunes.

Dead Zone Book

Here is a link to the Book and Audiobook.


Closing Thoughts:

“Past Perfect” was a departure from the last two episodes and hard not to take your rating down a few notches. But it still gave us progression in the story of Henry and The Kid. The stakes are high for Henry and unbeknownst to him Wendell is hearing the Schisma and on his way back to the Rock. Molly is with The Kid, but given the fact he says she died in the woods things are not good. Was that an alternate reality or was The Kid talking about the future?


Here are the synopses of the last two episodes.

Episode 09:  Henry Deaver – A world beyond these walls.
Episode 10:  Romans – Some birds can be caged.

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