Filter our the noise of life and focus on Castle Rock. Henry searched the woods for a connection to his past and found so much more. Is the schisma what is causing the madness and amplified by The Kid?

Filter For The Memories – Ruth’s Chess Pieces:

CRZ08 - Filter - Chess

Ruth gets out of the hospital and is back home. She is taking chess pieces and putting them around the house. Henry’s son Wendell has come up for a visit. He questions Henry about why the Deavers adopted him. Henry says they lost a child in childbirth and when questioned about his real parents, Henry says the Deavers are his real parents.

Later Wendell is playing chess with Ruth. He asks about the missing pieces. Ruth says time is not linear for her anymore. Past and present both happen for her. She uses the chess pieces as a coping mechanism. She puts them in different rooms. When she sees one, she knows it is now and can find her way out of the woods.

Filter or Amplifier – The Kid:

CRZ08 - Filter - Kid

The Kid tells Alan that he can help Ruth. But he needs Dale Lacy’s car. Alan has to go to the junk yard that has it and try to find it. The car is all they way in Syracuse, NY. Alan finds the car and gets it on the way back by a gunpoint persuasion. In the meantime, The Kid had discovered Matthew’s suit, tapes of his preaching, letters and a VHS camera and tapes. His walking around in Matthew’s suit confuses Ruth and Henry gets him to Juniper Hill quickly.

Juniper Hill is bleak but Henry says they can help The Kid. A flock of crows circle overhead and one falls dead very near them. The nurse says it is the second this week. Later we hear on Alan’s radio that a fire broke out at Juniper Hill. 8 Staff and 6 patients were killed and 4 escaped. One of those was The Kid. He makes it back to the Deaver home. He removes his shoes and frightens Ruth.

Later Alan shows up and shares the news about the car. Alan ask how the car can help. The Kid ignores the news. He says they will build a monument to Lacy and others who imprisoned him. He ask why Alan left him in Dale’s trunk. Alan asks why The Kid would say he could help Ruth. He notices blood on The Kid’s hand and rushes in to the house. The house is in disarray. Things do not look good. Where is Ruth and Wendell? Does The Kid naturally amplify evil? Does the schisma amplify that power?

Filter The Schisma – Henry Finds Answers:

CRZ08 - Filter - Filter

Henry sees The Kid watching a video of him in the woods. He is adrift after his father’s reburial. He wonders why they went in the woods. Was his father crazy? He asks Molly about it. She confesses that they were linked. She felt his hatred towards Matthew and relief when he thought he was dead. She says that she went to the Deaver home in a state like a dream. She pulled the breathing tube killing Matthew. But her hand looked like Henry’s. He killed his father through her. He says she is crazy and leaves.

Later, he grabs the camera and literally follows his younger self into the woods. But his battery dies and he has no cell signal. He stumbles upon the campsite of Wille (Rory Culkin) and Odin (CJ Jones). They were at Alan’s bridge ceremony and Matthew’s reburial. Odin is deaf but signs and Willie translates. Odin says the woods were Matthew’s church. He heard the voice of God there. Odin and he were friends and shared interests. They both heard the sound called schisma. Odin says it is the sound of all here’s and now’s. All possible pasts and present’s that the universe is trying to reconcile. Some places it is louder or softer. Some people hear it, some don’t.  Matthew was dictated designs of a filter in the same way Noah got directions for the ark. Matthew didn’t get to build it but Odin did.

The chamber cancellles out all noise so that only the truth of the schisma is left. Henry doesn’t want to go in, but Odin says Henry is searching. He is looking for who he is and why he is there. His son cannot know Henry if Henry doesn’t know himself. Odin says he made himself deaf, made himself perfect, to hear nothing but the schisma. He then locks Henry in the chamber. Henry sees the past of him running in the woods, playing in a cage, as a teen, a painting of The Kid and so much more.

King Connections:

For 27 years the Kid has been imprisoned and now that he is out things are going crazy in Castle Rock. This is a shout out to IT and possibly a manifestation of a similar power. Juniper Hill catches on fire and the Kid escapes. Did he start the fire or force others to start one? Did he start it with his mind they way Charlie did in Firestarter? Who knows? The schisma runs in cycles and stronger in some places. It is past, present, and future. Could it be that there is a thinny in the Rock that is along the path of a beam? Dark Tower connectionsIn Carrie we had people wanting to hear the voice of God, a woman with powers and a town set against her.

This week’s movie is Carrie. The first film starred a young Sissy Spacek and dealt with a woman with powers and a community who made fun of her.

Carrie - Movie

Check out the movie from Amazon or iTunes.

Carrie - Book

Here is a link to the Book and Audiobook.

Closing Thoughts:

Filter was one of those episodes that change the world of the show. It reminded me of LOST and Twin Peaks. Matthew and Dale had their church in the woods. Did they both hear the schisma? It seems so. Is the schisma what is causing Ruth’s alternate perception of time? Is the proximity to the schisma cause the madness in the Rock? We just have so many more questions than before. But this episode was great. So hard to think we only have 4 more episodes in this season.


Hulu announced that Castle Rock has been a success with great reception from viewers. They renewed it for a second season. The producers said each season will be a complete story. We don’t know which or if any characters will be back next season. But know that we will be back for it. We are so happy Castle Rock Zone was renewed for a season 2 as well!

So here is what we have about episodes seven and eight.
Episode 7 The Queen: Memories haunt Ruth Deaver.
Episode 8 Newcomers set up shop in Castle Rock, Henry follows a clue.

Hulu posted YouTube video of 360° VR of several locations around Castle Rock.
Henry’s room https://youtu.be/FbXobbbBUp0
Mellow Tiger https://youtu.be/8BRuDCisGaM
Ruth’s room https://youtu.be/imVhwN7p-qs
Shawshank https://youtu.be/siL2iGqVbLM

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