The Box might as well be called Pandora’s Box or the Kid’s box. Once you open the box of the past in Castle Rock all hell breaks loose and woe to anyone who is in its’ path. No one is safe.

Trapped In A Box – The Kid and Dennis:

CRZ06 - The Box - The Kid

Dennis has had his eyes opened to all that is happening in Shawshank. He feels imprisoned in the box of this life. He sees the cruelty displayed every day in the prison. He wants to get The Kid out, but he also wants justice and change in the prison. He is tired, frustrated, broken, and ready to get out.

The Kid is quiet until the assistant warden, Reeves, comes in and threatens him. He slowly stands up and quotes Revelation 19:12-13. It scares Reeves and he backs out of the cell. The Kid shuts the door behind him and waits.

Dennis goes to Henry and says he wants to talk to the jury about the events going on in Shawshank. Henry says there will be no jury and he needs to focus and not sound like a disgruntled employee. Later Henry leaves a message saying they are taking the deal from Northeastern Corrections. Dennis snaps. He starts killing every guard he comes upon until he reaches Henry, who is waiting for the Warden. He says he wants to testify, before being shot and killed.

Trapped In A Box – Young and Old Henry:

CRZ06 - The Box - Henry

Henry is looking into his past and all that digging into the records leads him to Vince Desjardins. Vince was a man with a sealed felony record who got out right before Henry disappeared. Henry finds the Desjardins house. It is a mixed bag of a house with set table and destruction from a piano that fell though the ceiling. He has had memories and dreams about being captive in a cage. He finds a box out back. He breaks it open and finds a spoon and a bowl full of rotten food. A car rolls up. It is Josef Desjardins. He is Vince’s brother and has always lived in the house. He is a barber, but he is tied to Henry. It was he that Alan and the authorities questioned, not Vince. He said he never touched Henry.

Henry has been sparing with Alan about his dad’s casket being moved back to Castle Rock. But the real argument is about taking Ruth back to Texas. Alan offers to marry her and even suggests the move to Ruth. Ruth refuses. After Henry questions Alan about his investigation into Josef, Alan lays it all out. Henry’s dad wrote out a message to Alan, the night before he died. It said “HENRY DID IT.” Henry thinks all of this is because Alan has been in a relationship with Ruth, while she was married. He leaves shaken

Thinking Outside The Box – Molly Helps Others See:

CRZ06 - The Box - Molly

Molly is having a better day. She is prepping and getting the Lacy home for sale. But she should have done a walk through before the open house. She has to hide a sympathy card and move Dale’s urn to the freezer. The interested couple like the house, but Gordon finds the urn. Molly has to convince them Dale didn’t die on property. She says she lives in a house where a strangler (Frank Dodd from The Dead Zone) died and she sleeps just fine. They still seem to be interested in the house.

Henry has had a short meal with Molly, cut short by Dennis. She does not get to tell him that she killed his dad. Later, a shaken Henry comes to her to ask if he said anything about pushing his dad off the cliff. She say he’s not responsible and invites him in. They spend the night together, but he is still shaken and just wants to run from his past and from this town. Will she stop him?

King Connections:

Molly is trying to sell the Lacy home. She tries to comfort the couple by saying lives in the home where a serial strangler died. That has to be Frank Dodd from The Dead Zone.
Vince Desjardins, that we hear mentioned in the episode, was one of Ace’s gang in “The Body” (the novella Stand By Me was based on).
Desjardins is the last name of Carrie’s PE Teacher. Any relation to Vince and Josef? This week’s featured connection is Stand By Me.

Stand By Me

Check out the movie from Amazon or iTunes.

Different Seasons Book

Here is a link to the Book and Audiobook.

Closing Thoughts:

The Box was an interesting episode. It seems like since The Kid has been let out of the box, er cage, things have been going down hill quickly. Was Dale right to keep him in there? Or is it a combination of The Kid being out and Henry being in town that is causing all the craziness to come out? I don’t know. Henry pushed too hard to find his missing past and he does not like what he is finding. Dennis’ eyes were opened to what was all around him before. Maybe what the Kid does is open people’s eyes to the darkness around them that they have been ignoring all their lives.


Under The Rock With Bill E.B.

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So here is what we have about episodes five and six.

Episode 5 Harvest: A stranger comes to town; Castle Rock honors Sheriff Pangborn.
Episode 6 Filter: Henry’s son visits from Boston; a funeral stirs up unsettling memories.

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