Local Color was full of just that. We got to see the Local Color of the Rock. Molly was shining with color in all of her actions. We had kids dealing drugs, a mock court, a haunted house, and local TV gone way wrong.

Color of The Shine – Molly’s Bad Day:

CRZ05 - Local Color - Henry Molly

Molly Strand is an unusual lady, but we didn’t know the half of it until this episode. It seems like she has the Shine as Dick Hallorann called it in The Shining. Not only can she hear people’s thoughts, she can feel their feelings and senses. Plus she can see dead people.

Molly is working on a model to show off the revitalized downtown and ships it off with Jackie to the TV studio. She is nervous about going on Local Color, but thinks she can manage it. Then her day gets worse. Before he even enters her office she can hear the thought and conversations running through Henry’s head. She plays it off like she does not remember him at first. He is asking for help to sell his mother’s home. She says she is too busy and it is a conflict if interest with her parent’s house being across the street. Henry does not understand and leaves. Molly then pops her second pill of the day.

She gets home to a ransacked house. Nothing is missing, but it is frightening. Jackie helps her clean some of it up. While cleaning up, Molly notices the basement door open and rushes down. Her childhood box is overturned. We see the timer, jacket, a notebook and more. Jackie sees the wanted poster and asks about Henry. She pushes away the conversation saying she has to get ready for the show. She tries on several outfits and rehearses her talking points. But Henry’s thoughts overwhelm her. She turns to take another pill but she is out.

She tracks down her dealer Dean, but he is out. He points her to Timberland Motor Court and Derek. She drives over and finds children, but no adults. It seems Timberland holds families who’s fathers are in Shawshank and mothers are drunks. Derek entertains the kids with mock trials. Many of the kids are wearing animal masks. Molly is convicted of murder and taken to the murder house by Derek. He is about to sell her drugs when the cops bust her.

Molly’s TV debut won’t help our Castle Rock revitalization efforts, but she blurted out all the details about the Kid. This made Henry’s life a lot easier and hopefully built a little bit of a bridge between them. But Molly has been connected to him since their childhood. She can feel what he feels emotionally and physically. It influences her. She was the one who killed Reverend Deaver. She snuck over and disconnected his ventilator.  She is seeing him or his ghost in her own house. Will this ghost catch up to her? She needs someone to teach her how to deal with the shine, like Danny Torrence had.

Much praise goes to Cassady McClincy, who plays young Molly. She has been delivering some scary performances and acting depth in expressions. Molly has huge feelings of guilt and dreams of Reverend Deaver.


Local Color – Henry Learns More:

CRZ05 - Local Color - Henry

Henry is dealing with a semi impasse with The Kid and having to think about his mother’s well-being is distracting him. He is going trying to sell his mom’s house to make sure she gets the care she needs. He sees an add for Molly’s business. But when he shows up she pushes him away. She can’t deal with him mentally and he has no clue why.

He gets the scoop on the Kid, a.k.a. Nick, a.k.a. Nick at Night from Dennis. The Kid only eats Wonder Bread and he sleeps very little. He is captivated by Warden Lacy’s photo. Dennis wants to help Henry get the Kid out. He is even looking to the future to become a lawyer.

Molly’s tirade about the Kid was seen by Warden Porter. She calls Henry up. They offer up a settlement to pay the Kid off and make sure he cannot sue them. Henry finally gets to talk with the Kid via the visitation area. He tells the Kid that they are going to reject the offer, get him off and sue the pants off of Northeastern Corrections. He tells the Kid not to say his hame. The Kid seems to agree with Henry. Then he ask three strange questions. “Has it started?” “How many years old are you?” and one that we hear Henry’s dad ask him in a flashback “Do you hear it now?”

King Connections:

The connections were more subtle this week. We see a photo of Warden Norton (from Shawshank Redemption) beside the one of Warden Lacy, Young Molly is awakened by Henry and his day leaving at four past midnight. That is one of Stephen Kings books that contains The Sun Dog a story set in Castle Rock. The kids in the motor court had a Children of the Corn vibe. But the bing thing was Molly’s shine. She can hear people’s thoughts and see dead people. So this week’s featured connection is The Shining.



The Shining Movie











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The Shining Book









Here is a link to the Book and Audiobook.


Closing Thoughts:

Local Color was a character study of Molly. We have a much fuller depth of understand of her now. But that does not equate to having all of the mysteries around her solved. What I like about this series is it answers questions and then turns around and gives us more. Local Color did that well! I cannot wait to see what is next!


So here is what we have about episodes four and five.

Episode 4 The Box:  Henry prepares for his day in court; a coffin arrives in Castle Rock.
Episode 5 Harvest: A stranger comes to town; Castle Rock honors Sheriff Pangborn.

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