So all of the Superheroes banded together to take care of a crisis on Earth X but that doesn’t mean it will be a smooth road from here. On her Earth Kara is dealing with a Villain that can match her blow for blow. On Earth One Barry has chosen not to run despite the dead body in his apartment. Oliver thought he was heading into a happily ever after with Felicity when trust issues tore his team apart. Sara and The Legends are down two team members. What will happen next? We don’t have long to wait.

Kara is having a hard time. Mon-El came back and he brought his wife. Only seven months had elapsed on Earth 38 but for Mon-El it was seven years. He said that Kara was the inspiration for him to form a Legion of Superheroes. Strange symbols were popping up all over National City and a new Vigilante was dishing out justice. She called herself Reign and perhaps Kara should call for backup. Reign is Kryptonian too and their fight was epic. Now Supergirl is out of commission and National City is vulnerable to the reign of a world killer. The Girl Of Steel was left bleeding and broken at the end of the last episode. Mon-El needs to call on his new Super Friends because this foe is formidable. Someone please go check on Ruby I think she is at home with a Super Villain! Supergirl returns to the CW Monday January 15th at 8/7c and the Maid Of Steel Podcast will be there to talk all about it.

In Central City Barry and Iris hoped for a holiday season full of post nuptial bliss. The Thinker had other ideas. He abducted Barry while Amunet took Caitlin. Barry was put in a special cell that he could not vibrate out of. Caitlin was expected to perform brain surgery on one of the bus Metahumans in a run down warehouse. Amunet put power dampening cuffs on Caitlin to keep Killer Frost from emerging. You can’t however diminish Caitlin’s intelligence. She successfully completed the surgery and defeated the bad guy by rerouting the anesthetic gas. Elsewhere Barry outsmarted the Thinker. He vibrated so fast that he became invisible. The Thinker opened the cell to investigate and Barry slipped out. A high flying battle ensued in which it appeared that The Thinker had been defeated and Barry was saved by his floatation suit. Don’t roll the credits just yet! This is not happily ever after! Remember that bus Metahuman that Caitlin saved. His name is Dominic. His power is telepathy which makes him a perfect candidate for The Thinker. You guessed it. Clifford Devoe (The Thinker) is always three steps ahead. He knew his current body was dying. So he found Dominic to transfer his consciousness and knowledge into. Devoe had a plan which included leaving his original body stabbed on the floor of Barry’s loft. The murder weapon was a knife taken from Barry and Iris’s wedding gifts. The Flash is about to go on trial starting on January 16th at 8/7c. Don’t worry Central City Underground will be with you every step of the way.

At last Oliver Queen and Felicity Smoak are husband and wife. The joy was short lived because Oliver’s lawyer called to tell him that a member of his team is set to testify against him. Did I mention that Oliver had been arrested and was under investigation for crimes committed by the Green Arrow? The seed of doubt is sowing division within the team. Original Team Arrow versus the Newbies First suspicions landed on Dinah because surveillance footage proved that she was still in contact with her former partner Vince the Vigilante. When Dinah was confronted Wild Dog came forward saying it was him. He agreed to testify against Oliver in exchange for custody of his daughter. Cayden James took Captain Lance hostage. The team fractured by distrust struggled to work together to save him. In a surprising moment of conscience Black Siren let Quentin go. Are we headed for a redemption for this character? Only time will tell. Oliver kicked Wild Dog off the team for his deception. Dinah and Curtis chose to leave because they were upset over being mistrusted. It turned out Cayden James wanted to shatter Green Arrow’s team while building one of his own. I anticipate trouble coming from this group which includes James, Anatoly, Black Siren and Richard Dragon in the second half of the season. Arrow Squad will be your guide as hopefully forgiveness is given and a strong team is rebuilt Thursday January 18th 9/8c

A new hero is exploding onto the scene starting Tuesday January 16th at 9/8c. His name is Black Lightning and he is sure to bring excitement as he protects his city. I know what you are thinking. Where are the Legends are they lost in the temporal zone? Never fear they will return. Constantine has found his way to Sara and he needs help. There is a demon and it knows our dear Captain by name. Tomorrow’s Legends will lead you through all the twists and turns of time when the show returns in Supergirl’s timeslot on February 12.

Have you checked out Gotham over on Fox? Our young Bruce Wayne has been suffering a bit of a rebellious phase and left Alfred out in the cold. Thankfully the City has an older and wiser Dark Knight to look after it in Jim Gordon. Gotham will need help for sure because Jerome came back and I am not joking. Stay tuned to Gotham Undercover for the latest developments. Visit Fox Now to catch up on the latest episodes while you wait for the season to resume in the spring.
All our teams are facing challenges as the seasons resume. They are going to need their Super Friends. This is your eye in the sky Green Butterfly and that is the latest on the DC TV universe. Tune in starting January 15th on the CW. Then head over to and join the conversation. I gotta fly.


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