In two classic, albeit thematically loosely connected episodes by a Salvation Army collector’s Christmas bell, we see a story of one man’s salvation is found because he yearns so painfully for his existence to impact those meek people who desperately need help, and we see another story of a group of “people” who question their very odd, trapped existence and we see there is no hope for them anywhere. 

Darrell and Robert have a spirited discussion, no pun intended, in this our 30th podcast episode of Entering The Fifth Dimension. The amazing Art Carney makes us want Santa to be real and the purity of Christmas to be protected, while at the same time we despair for the inequalities of the human condition and are embarrassed at the commercialization of Christmas. And then the other  episode with a Clown, a Soldier, a Ballerina, a Hobo and a Scottish piper has forced those characters to question why they are trapped and may very well be that way for the rest of their bizarre lives that needs nothing to stay alive other than an answer to what they really are. 

What we end up seeing is the juxtaposition of an episode that delivers Christmas and all of its gifts and toys and then another episode that makes us feel like we may be cruel to those very toys and gifts when they are abandoned. Is Rod telling us (unintentionally because these stories were filmed nearly one  year apart) we are all toys and we have no power in our lives, or is he telling us as adults we ignore our childish wonderment and it is therefore a type of cruelty? 

We are going to leave that “thought present” (a new phrase by Robert) for you to ponder as you watch these episodes and listen to our comments. As always we’d love it if you would write or call in your thoughts. Happy holidays everyone…Merry Christmas!!

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