Like humanity, our final moments have arrived for the Childhood’s End Event Podcast with Night 3: The Children. This time around we try to figure out how Karellen really feels about Stormgren and why he meets his fate in the manner in which he does. That Ellie sure is a saint, and we also were impressed by Jennifer in this episode!

The Children

If the children have left, does that justify the actions of the mayor-of-sorts of New Athens? Rachel’s sacrifice was heartfelt, and Milo’s single-mindedness made us wonder if his ego got the better of him. The Overlords stole the show in this final night, and Charles Dance as Karellen gets MVP for the miniseries.

Our opinions of this episode evolved once again during the discussion. How did you feel about this somewhat depressing ending to the miniseries? Oh, and yes, we know this podcast released earlier than we originally indicated. Some audience members encouraged us to do so – thanks for that feedback!