The event podcast continues with Childhood’s End Night 2: The Deceivers in which the Greggson’s notice something odd about their son. The world is deep into its blissful ignorance as Utopia robs humanity of its initiative, both scientific and artistic. We can’t help but wonder why the Overlords are taking Earth’s animals back to their home planet – can it really just be for a menagerie?

The Deceivers

Is Karellen right? Are humans their own deceivers, or are the Overlords the deceptive ones? We had a lot to say about the religious discussions in this episode, especially with regard to the character of Peretta Jones, who was not in the novel. And why did Ricky sacrifice his cure to save Karellen?

Our opinions of this episode changed as the discussion went on – will yours as well, I wonder? Join us and find out!