We were invited to join other reporters in a press call with Childhood’s End executive producer, Matthew Graham, and actors, Mike Vogel and Yael Stone. They shared some of their impressions of working on this project and what they’re excited about sharing when the miniseries airs next week.

Mike, Dave, and Wayne go through some of the questions that were asked followed by brief excerpts from the answers given by the Childhood’s End cast and crew members. We hope you’ll find their insights enlightening and that they’ll serve as a nice teaser to get your excited about the three-night event starting December 14th.

For those living spoiler-free, this might not be the podcast for you, but we did our best to give only the teasers that entice. Be sure to subscribe using the feed buttons above and below this post so that you won’t miss an episode! We’ve got three more podcasts coming your way next week!