The Flash, Season 3, Episode 19: The Once and Future Flash
Some thoughts from Joe:
HR Gives Us the Jitters
Welcome back, all! After a long, long month, the Flash is back with a bang! Villainous pals, surprise revelations, and…oh look!…time travel! Man, if they keep this up, I’ll actually forget what year the show is supposed to take place in!
So 2024 is not the paradise one might hope it would be. No flying cars, no world peace, no visitation from aliens. Wait…we actually had visitation from aliens in 2017, and at least it resulted in a super-hero team-up!
One thing that did catch my eye and make me go “Hrmm?” In the future…HR has gone public? The world knows that a man who looks exactly like the deceased criminal Harrison Wells is walking around and has his same name? The image-projecting device he uses is nowhere to be seen? He owns a public company, for Grodd’s sake! How did this all come about, I wondered. Because I think we could all see from the jump that having to deal w/ HR’s identity was going to be a rapidly-obnoxious scenario soon. Any thoughts as to what happened? My scenario: Tech wiz Cisco falsified records reporting that Harrison had a twin brother, and HR is that twin! The end.Tho’ if evil twins have goatees, do good twins haveā€¦drumsticks?
Talk to you next week!!