Flash Back
CCU 62 Season 2 Episode 17

This week Flash Back brought more time travel fun, some impulsiveness and rash decisions from Barry, but some fabulous problem solving and a few INCREDIBLE scenes between Grant Gustin and Tom Cavanagh! Although we have a few week hiatus before the next episode, it looks like the next stop is going to be Earth-2 and confronting Zoom!

And now, a few thoughts from one of your hosts, Joe:

And unto them…The Black Flash!
Flash Back, this week’s episode, was a variation on a classic element of the Flash comics, one I’ve long been waiting to see. Call it a “Time Wraith.” Utter the phrase “Holy Harry Potter.” To me, it’s the infamous Black Flash. But what, you ask, is The Black Flash? Well, allow me to inform!
The Black Flash is less of a being and more of a force WITHIN the Speed Force. See, the thing about Speedsters…they don’t die easy. And so, perhaps they need a grim reaper of their own. Inside the lightning-filled tunnels of the Speed Force dwells a black-clad creature who resembles nothing so much as the zombie equivalent of The Flash. He is, for Speed Force users, quite simply DEATH. There are quite a few speedsters in the DCU, and a few of them have indeed slipped the mortal coil. They say that before they died (’cause yes, some have returned from the grave. Like ya do in comics), they saw a speedster-corpse come to return them to the very source of their powers.
What’s even more interesting is a couple of speedsters have even taken on the mantle of The Black Flash themselves! No less than Barry Allen AND Eobard Thawne! In Barry’s case, he was imbued w/ the powers of the Black Flash w/out realizing why, causing speedsters he touched to basically disintegrate. As for Thawne…well, there was this whole thing where a bunch of dead DC baddies returned as sentient, EVIL corpses…so it seemed only natural for him to claim the title Black Flash.
So while at first I was uncertain if this “Time Wraith” was in fact The Black Flash, in the dramatic scene when the thing was choking Barry, I swear I saw the remnants of a Flash-like costume clinging to the spectral entity. Oh, I’m hoping they will eventually call it by its true, terrifying moniker!
The next episode airs April 19th, so we’ll be back that week!  If you haven’t yet watched the Flash/Supergirl crossover episode of Supergirl, you should!  Then check out Maid Of Steel, the Golden Spiral Media podcast covering the Supergirl tv show!  And be sure to check out the most recent episode, where Joe and Tony join Karen and Emilee on their podcast to discuss the crossover episode!  You can find that RIGHT HERE!
Lastly – here are a few fun pictures!
Here’s a picture that compares the comics version of Black Flash, as we discussed, and the Time Wraith from the show.  Neat!(thanks, unnamed Reddit creator of this pic)
 black flash wraith
And lastly, here are two pictures involving the Magic Math Problem we joke about in the podcast: The Speed Equation that Johnny and Jesse Quick recite in the comics to get their superspeed:
Jesse Speed Equation

Jesse Quick, and her Speed Equation, from the comics


Speed Equation

The Speed Equation from the Flash Drive in this episode

That’s it for this week, folks!  We’ll see you the week of April 19th!  Join us at the CCU Facebook page, or on Twitter at @TheFlashGSM for more fun!