Welcome once again to CCU HQ! This year we are thankful most of all for you, our faithful listeners and dedicated Undergrounders! Please enjoy this short discussion on what team Flash may, and may not be thankful for.

Barry tries to visit Grace in the hospital, hoping to discover Cicada’s identity, but is stopped by a doctor sympathetic to his mission. Barry and Nora attempt to stop a freak lightning storm from hitting the city’s power grid when Barry is struck, though Nora successfully restarts his heart. Team Flash suspect Mark Mardon’s the one behind the strange weather patterns despite being in jail. When they check on him however, Nora and Barry encounter his estranged daughter, Joss Jackam/Weather Witch, who wields a staff that lets her control the weather like her father. Barry and Nora bring Mardon to her for a reunion, but Joss tries to kill him for being neglectful and learns he was never there. Angered by this, Joss attacks an airport with a lightning tornado. In order stop her, Nora brings Mardon’s wand to Barry, who uses it to absorb Joss’ lightning and subdue her. Team Flash later discovers Cicada’s identity by accessing the hospital’s security cameras, and learn his real name, Orlin Dwyer. Flashbacks show Orlin was forced to adopt Grace after her mother’s death in a metahuman attack. Just as they form a bond, debris from DeVoe’s satellite puts Grace in a coma and impales Orlin with shrapnel that would later become his meta-tech dagger. Orlin becomes convinced that metahumans are to blame for what happened to them and vows to exterminate them all on Grace’s behalf.

Join us for all this and more! So much to be thankful for!