Welcome Undergrounders to episode 116 of Central City Underground! “Blocked” is the title of this weeks episode. As the second episode of season five, we are given quite a bit of information as well as a few more questions. Fear not Undergrounders! The Professor and I will not be so easily deterred. Joins us as we discuss “Blocked” and it’s potential effect on the show.

“Blocked” was an episode all about family ties. It highlighted and mirrored several relationships. We were shown Joe and Cecille’s struggle to compensate as her powers start to diminish. We explored Cisco’s relationship with Gypsy. Dibny reveals why he should be the greatest self-help guru ever. Caitlin gained some valuable information on her father. And Team West-Allen comes together to save the day.

Meanwhile, the meta of the week is making a play on tons of illegal weaponry. Block is criminal who gained the ability to compress air into cube’s and rectangles. Blocks. Block’s agenda is to get revenge on her former associate’s and make a nice profit while doing so.

Come listen as we talk about all this and more!