The Professor

At last! The time has returned to do one of my most favorite things!…
WELCOME UNDERGROUNDERS!!!! So, welcome back Undergrounders. I hope you have all rested up and are ready for some DC action. Yes it’s Flash season again. At the end of last season, we had to say goodbye to The Elfy One as she removed herself from the active duty roster and faded away into superhero retirement. Although none can replace her, it is my distinct honor to present to you the newest member of the Golden Spiral Media Network family, and our newest co-host, the Professor! Welcome to the Underground Professor, hope you survive the experience.

Meanwhile, we return to our regularly scheduled mayhem…
It’s the time of year when everyone’s favorite scarlet speedster zooms back into our Tuesday TV lineup. This is going to be an intense year for Flash. He has a future daughter speedster who seems to be just as apt at ignoring time travelling rules as her father. How will team Flash handle yet another time travelling debacle, and what could be in store for our heroes this season? Join us as we discuss these topics and more in this bonus episode!