Hello Undergrounders and welcome back! On this weeks episode titled “Think Fast”, DeVoe assaults an A.R.G.U.S. facility in an attempt to complete his Enlightenment Machine. Barry realizes the only way to stop DeVoe is to allow his friends to help. While reluctant to risk his friends’ lives at first, Barry and Cisco have a brotherly heart-to-heart and Barry eventually gives in. Taking Cisco and Caitlin into Flashtime, the team develops a spectacular plan to stop DeVoe. What could go wrong?

As Harry and Iris discuss DeVoe’s most recent whereabouts, Harry’s usefulness finally makes itself known. In light of his new insights, Harry and Iris team up to investigate and eventually locate Marlize, fast.

While helping Barry formulate a plan to stop DeVoe, Caitlin makes a rather startling and profound discover about her younger self. It would seem as if Frost has been with her since she was little. It wasn’t the particle accelerator that gave her powers. Oh yeah, and she gets new weapons and a very Captain Cold inspired look.

Meanwhile, Joe and DA Cecile Horton are having…well baby issues. It seems that a hormone common to pregnancy is causing D.A. Cecile Horton’s temporary meta-abilities to expand fast. In usual superhero fashion, Joe saves the day.

We enjoyed a virtual cornucopia of power displays this week. We have new questions about where metas come from. We’ve got baby breechs, you know breechlings. We got Diggle! Iris vs Marlize! Dr. Finkle! We got Zza bruh! Come join us for all this and more as we discuss “Think Fast”!