Hello Undergrounders. So many Harrisons. On this week’s episode of CW’s the Flash, team Flash devises a plan to take down the Thinker’s satellites. To do this, they must enlist the help of one of Central City’s biggest metahuman criminals, Amunet Black.

When Caitlin forms a plan to try and reawaken Killer Frost, Joe reveals her secret to the team. Caitlin intended to use the teams new relationship with Amunet Black to acquire a unique piece of technology. Amunet had already deceived Caitlin into thinking it had helped stabilize her split personality. Now that they are temporarily fighting on the same side, Caitlin decides to take what might be her final chance at getting Frost back.

Meanwhile, Harry finally decides to contact the Council of Wells in order to seek help. As it turns out, the Council wants nothing to do with such a “dum-dum”. In order to help Harry come to terms with rejection from the council, and his worsening condition, Cisco contacts other Wells’ who have been rejected. And then Cisco forms the Council of Harrisons.

In the midst of super powered, ability stealing super geniuses, and geniuses participating in petty squabbles, Iris decides to blog about it. Actually, she plans on revealing DeVoe’s entire plan to her audience. Barry is hesitant and feels it will cause more panic and trouble than it is worth.

Harrisons vs Wells. Amunet Black and her terrible tornado of meta-metal. Severed eye-snakes. Behind the back boomerang catches. A villain’s whereabouts sussed out by a three emoji algorithm. Yeah, it’s that kind of episode. Come listen.