Burgess Meredith’s impact on the Twilight Zone is arguably deeper than any other thespian to enter the fifth dimension.  While most know him immediately for his work on the beloved episode, “Time Enough at Last,” many have never seen his appearance in the season four episode, “Printer’s Devil.”

This month we not only take a look at “Printer’s Devil,” but we also take a look at his season 2 appearance as the meek pushover “Mr. Dingle, the Strong.”  Dingle is much more commonly recognizable due to the zany two-headed Martians and antenna-clad Venusians who look like children but sound like grown men.

These two episodes offer a contrast in the characters portrayed by Meredith that show off his versatile acting chops, while giving us a glimmer of what was to come in his iconic role as The Penguin in the 1960’s TV series, Batman.

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