In this special episode, we discuss not one, but two episodes – ‘Siege Perilous’ and ‘The Broken Kingdom’.  But, that’s not all, we have a special announcement.  While David finds a purpose, his new bestie, King Arthur, is not all that he is cracked up to be.  Is King Arthur the villain in Camelot that Lancelot warns Snow of? King Arthur’s agenda is to make Excalibur whole but for what?  The fight is on to find the dagger or to hide it….Who will succeed with their plan?

In present day Storybrooke, Emma embraces the darkness and wants to snuff out the light while Hook begins to accept that she is the Dark One.  Rumple is the key to the Dark One’s plan but Merida needs to make him brave in order for it to work. Can Emma be saved?  Does she want to be?  Will Regina be the new Savior that everyone is looking for?  Tune in as we discuss season predictions.


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