The darkness has taken over and Emma is THE Dark One, but what was ‘The Price’ that was paid that made her turn? Angry and vengeful, there seems to be no hope for Emma as she has embraced the darkness. Hook’s attempt at true love’s kiss fails and even Henry can’t get through to her (although she does not blame him for what happened). It’s all fun and games for The Dark One as she warns of something coming that only a Savior can defeat. Will Regina now be the Savior they need? Will her powers be strong enough to defeat The Dark One?

Rumple continues to be in a coma but his essence is constantly pushing Emma to the dark side. He tells her that her loved ones will hold her back as they will do anything to save her. The twist, though, is that the dagger and Excalibur are one and the same. What will happen once the pieces are joined together and become one? Will that turn Emma completely dark with no Savior light in her at all? Or, does it depend on who has Excalibur in their possession?


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