And, we’re back! Last season, we were left in the dark as to what happened with Emma.  This season premiere opens up with a bang as “The Dark Swan” rises.  Emma struggles with her new found darkness and who better to be her “guide” than Rumple himself.  How long will it take before Emma gives in and the dark powers take over?

Meanwhile, everyone in Storybrooke is fighting to open a portal to get to Emma.  Of course, the portal cannot be opened without the darkest of powers which happens to be Zelena.  What problems will arise in seeking out Zelena’s help?  Will she even be willing to help?Merida puts Emma to the test when she is tempted to use her dark powers against her.  With Rumple goading her to use them and Emma trying to resist, the Storybrooke gang arrives in time to stop her before letting the darken win.  But, can they save Emma every time until they find Merlin?

Speaking of Merlin, they run into King Arthur who believes the prophecy has come true and that the Savior will help them.  He takes them to Camelot but something goes wrong.  A flash forward takes us back to Storybrooke where Emma is the Dark One and everyone’s memories are erased.  What happened in Camelot that caused Emma to turn?  Why are their memories erased yet again?


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