ALERT! ALERT! ALERT! Operation Mongoose is in full effect. Isaac, aka ‘The Author’, has finished his book, ‘Heroes & Villains’. Everything has been turned upside down. The heroes are villains and the villains are heroes. But, with Henry determined to get his family back, there is no stopping him from making things right except for Isaac. Henry transports himself to the Enchanted Forest where Isaac follows. Rumple is a beloved Ogre Slayer. Regina is a bandit on the run from the Evil Queen, Snow White. Prince Charming is just one of Snow White’s pawns. Hook is a cowardly deck hand and Lily is Snow’s minion standing guard at a fortress where Emma is trapped. Henry’s mission is to find Regina and give her a happy ending with Robin Hood but, once again, Zelena is in the way. When Henry rescues Emma, who still remembers everything, Regina begins to believe that she can set things right if she can stop Robin and Zelena’s wedding. Regina does not stop the wedding but instead saves Henry from Rumple. As she lay bleeding, Henry is drawn to Isaac’s quill and becomes the next Author where he saves Regina and sets everything back to the way it was. What will become of Henry in Season 5? Since he broke the quill, what power will the Author have now? How will the role of the Author change?

Everything may be back to normal in Storybrooke, but with Rumple dying, the Dark One will be released.  In an attempt to contain the Dark One, the Apprentice traps it in the Sorcerer’s Hat.  But, because the Dark One needs to be tethered to a soul, it escapes the hat.  With the Dark One on the loose, its first target is Regina.  Regina has worked too hard to get her happy ending.  So, in an act of true heroism and in Savior-like fashion, Emma takes the dagger and summons the Dark One into her.  A heartfelt goodbye to Hook and one last message to her family to find a way to get rid of the darkness in her like they did once before, Emma becomes the Dark One.  So, many questions on what will happen next.  Season 5, we cannot wait.  What kind of Dark One will Emma be?  How will they find Merlin to help her? Who is Lily’s father?


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