Oh, Mother ! Maleficent and Lily are finally reunited and they have a lot of catching up to do.  But, with Lily stuck on revenge against The Charmings, she has no interest in playing catch up.  Maleficent wants to move forward with her newly found daughter, but Lily is still caught up in the past.  Lily threatens to leave and Maleficent turns to Snow for help.  Does Maleficent have what it takes to calm the beast within Lily?  Will a mother’s love keep Lily in Storybrooke?

Back in The Enchanted Forest, Cora pays a visit to Regina to help her find her soul mate after destroying her true love.  When Cora finds out that Robin Hood is the one for Regina, she tries to pass off the Sheriff of Nottingham as her soul mate.  This, of course, backfires.  Did Cora really come back to help Regina?  Or, did she have an ulterior motive?

When Emma sees Snow hurt, Emma heals her mother and forgives her, thanks to Hook.  The Charmings are whole once again.  But, how long will this last now that the Author is in Rumple’s hands?  Regina had a chance to destroy Zelena but decides to take the higher road.  This bores the Author who writes himself into Rumple’s shop.  Now that Rumple has the Author, what will he write?  What will the cost of letting Zelena go be?  Will the villains get their happy ending?


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