There’s something about Lily.  Maleficent seeks out Emma’s help to find her daughter.  When Emma realizes her daughter is her very own childhood friend, Lily, she is determined to leave Storybrooke and find her.  Regina and Emma road trip together with a dual purpose: find Lily and save Robin.  We see there is much more to Lily and Emma’s past and find out what exactly happened to their friendship.  Fate seems to have always brought them together.  But, this time it is not a happy reunion.  With Lily out for revenge, what will become of Emma?  Is Lily the catalyst that will turn Emma dark?

Rumple gave Belle back her heart which means Regina lost her leverage over Rumple.  Regina, Emma and Lily race to find Robin who refuses to leave with them even after finding out Marian is dead.  Zelena reveals herself to Robin who is not only shocked, but disgusted because…..Zelena is pregnant!  What will happen to Regina’s happy ending now?  Will Emma go dark enough so that the Author can give the villains their happy ending?


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