There is no ‘Sympathy for De Vil’.  Looking into Cruella’s past, we find that she was locked away in the attic but for good reason.  Behind that angelic face lies a darkness that she revels in.  Unfortunately for Isaac, aka the Author, he finds out a little too late.  Having revealed the power of the quill, he grants Cruella the power to control all animals.  But, just as he giveth, he taketh away.  Seeing the real Cruella, Isaac renders her powerless by taking away what she loves the most which plays an important role in present day Storybrooke.

Being that Cruella and the Author have a past, Cruella wants revenge and uses Henry as leverage.  Cruella gives Emma and Regina an ultimatum:  Kill the Author or Henry is dead.  Emma comes face to face with Cruella who has Henry at gunpoint.  Not knowing that Cruella is powerless, Emma does what it takes to protect Henry.  Even though this is the end of Cruella, is there more to her story?  Or, is she truly a villain that was just born evil?  Will Emma’s actions open the door for her to becoming dark?


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