You may become a Poor Unfortunate Soul if young Ursula’s song lured you to your death.  Ursula’s father, Poseidon, used Ursula’s singing voice to lure pirates to a deadly fate in hopes of avenging her mother’s death.  But, Ursula saw her voice as a gift, a way of keeping her mother’s spirit alive.  She teams up with Hook to take her to where her mother loved to sing, but Poseidon gets in the way. After taking away Hook’s chance of revenge against The Dark One, Hook takes what Ursula loves most: her singing voice, making her the villain she is today.  In Storybrooke, Hook offers Ursula her happy ending IF she tells him what Rumple’s plans are.  With the help of Ariel, Hook was able to restore Ursula’s voice which gave her her happy ending.  But, now that she is seen as a mole, will Ursula’s happy ending last?  Is this the last we see of Ursula?

Meanwhile, Regina was able to get a message to the Charmings and Hook letting them know that Rumple is back in town and Pinnochio was turned back into August.  The villains succeed in torturing information out of August and they now know that the Author is trapped behind a door, somewhere in Storybrooke.  Rumple, Maleficent and Regina begin their search at the Sorcerer’s house. But, they are looking in the wrong place as the Author is trapped behind the door on the page from the book that Henry has.  The heroes now have the upper hand in finding the Author first.  How long will it take for Rumple to realize where the door really is?

Rumple does have a trick up his sleeve.  Thanks to Ursula, we find out that the Author cannot write a happy ending for the villains in this world because he did not give everyone their happy endings, Emma did.  As long as there is a Savior, the Author cannot write the villains their happy ending.  Knowing this, Rumple’s plan is to fill Emma’s heart with darkness forever so that their happy ending can be written.  Will Emma be powerful enough to resist the dark side?  Or, will the villains finally get their happy ending?  Tune in as we discuss theories and more.