Little by little, secrets are revealed, leaving some people ‘Unforgiven’.  We are taken to fairy tale land where the Queens of Darkness seek Snow and Charming to help stop Regina’s dark curse.  The only way to do this is to ask the Tree of Wisdom how to defeat Regina.  Only the most valiant ones have the power to ask the Tree of Wisdom anything which leads to Snow and Charming.  To everyone’s surprise, they are not as valiant as the Queens of Darkness think as the tree blasts them.  Maleficent reveals that Snow is with child and since her unborn child has the greatest potential for darkness, the Tree of Wisdom did not answer them.  Now, on to plan B.  Maleficent appears in Snow’s bedroom to reveal that she, too, is with child and wants to team up to stop Regina.  Snow refuses to work with Maleficent and does not want to use any dark means to save both their children.  Snow would rather risk the whole kingdom to protect her child from darkness.  What repercussions will there be for refusing to help Maleficent?In Storybrooke, everyone seems to be keeping Emma in the dark just when she is beginning to open her heart and let people in.  Hook and Ursula have a past yet to be revealed.  All we know is that whatever it is, it is worse than just a broken heart.  Snow and Charming are worried that Emma will find out that she has a great potential for darkness.  They try to stop Cruella and Ursula from resurrecting Maleficent, but, unfortunately, their plan failed.  They were lured into a trap where Cruella used their blood and Maleficent’s ashes to resurrect her.  Now, that Maleficent has risen, Snow and Charming are more determined to stop Maleficent.  But, at what lengths will they go to?

Snow secretly meets with Regina to ask her to infiltrate the villains’ plans and find out what they really want so that they can be stopped. Regina doesn’t understand what the big fuss is until Snow confides in her and tells her that 1) Emma has a potential for great darkness and she must not find out and 2) that because of her and Charming, Maleficent lost her child.  Will pretending to team up with the Queens of Darkness give Regina a taste of the dark side?  Will we see the Evil Queen back in action? It is hard to say since Regina and Henry are one step closer to finding the author.  Henry found a picture of where the author could be while going through August’s bag.  Thanks to Marco, they have an idea where the author is.  But, of course, there are no specifics.  Could he be in another dimension?  Will Snow’s plan thwart Regina’s quest for her happy ending?  Tune in as we discuss theories and more.

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