With ‘ Darkness on the Edge of Town ’, peaceful Storybrooke will be turned upside down.  Many years ago, the band of villains (Rumple, Cruella, Ursula and Maleficent) travel to Bald Mountain and combine their powers to obtain the curse for their happy ending.  But, not without Rumple double crossing the Queens of Darkness and leaving them to fend for themselves against the Chernobog.  In present day, Rumple now turns to the very people that he betrayed (Ursula and Cruella) to get back into Storybrooke.  Being the mastermind that he is, Rumple’s plan plays out and the 3 of them are able to enter Storybrooke, thanks to a deal Regina and Emma made with Cruella and Ursula.  We know they will regret this deal, but if Regina is on her road to redemption and happiness, how can she deprive villains who were less evil than her to the same?

Villains can become heroes as Regina did, but will heroes become villains? When saving the fairies from the Sorcerer’s hat, the Chernobog was also released.  Looking for the heart with the darkest potential, Regina believed it was her that it was after.  But, it was Emma’s heart that the Chernobog wanted.  Will Emma, a product of true love, the Savior, go to the dark side?  Will a secret that Snow and Charming are hiding cause this?  What do Cruella and Ursula know about the Charmings?

But, that is not the only secret unanswered….we find out that the Sorcerer and the Author are NOT one in the same.  According to the Blue Fairy, they are 2 VERY different people.  If no one has ever seen the Author or know who he/she is, how will they find him/her for their happy ending? Where is the Author?  There are hidden clues, will Henry figure it out? Does Rumple know where the Author is?  And, what is everyone’s happy ending?  Tune is as we discuss theories and more.

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