In Storybrooke, it’s not always clear who the “Heroes & Villains” are.  Some villains have changed and become heroes while others have just “evolved”.  Once seen as an evil villain, Regina finally gets her happy ending only for it to be ripped away from her in order to save Marian once again.  Can she ever get her true love from doing what’s right? Rumple, on the other hand, “takes” his happy ending but when Belle sees the truth, she drives Rumple out of Storybrooke, ruining his happy ending with Belle.  Can Rumple take his happy ending back? Maybe with the help from the Queens of Darkness, all villains can have their happy ending.

Speaking of happy endings, Elsa, Anna and Kristoff are back in Arendelle where Kranna finally get married.  Hook gets his heart back and Henry seems to have found what could be the author’s library.  How long will these “happy” endings last when the villains plan to take their own happy ending?  Tune in as we discuss theories and more.

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