Case Profile for The Pavlovich Brothers

Xiao Ping Li, a scientist involved in a chemical weapons project known as White Fog, is drugged at an immunization center in China and whisked to Washington, D.C. by CIA agents for interrogation. The Pavlovich brothers specialize in abductions of high-value targets, including General Ryker’s daughter (from “Pilot”). According to Red, they are in town planning their next hit, Li. Meanwhile, Tom discovers that Elizabeth knows his secret, informs his people and flees. While the team tries to locate the Pavlovich brothers’ target, Red makes a deal with the Brothers to abduct and deliver Tom to Elizabeth. Elizabeth tries to torture Tom into revealing his bosses, but he quickly turns the tables and corners her. After explaining his job never included hurting her, he claims to be “one of the good guys” and tells Elizabeth that Red isn’t at all who he seems to be. Before fleeing, Tom tells Elizabeth about a safe deposit box, the key to which she already found in the lamp. With Tom in their view, Red instructs Dembe not to capture him again, but rather follow his tail. The next day, Elizabeth opens the deposit box and is shocked when she looks at the photo inside.

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