Case Profile for Mako Tanida

Mako Tanida (Hoon Lee), escapes a Japanese prison and kills an FBI agent, claiming revenge for “collateral damage” caused by the FBI when they were after Red. After another FBI agent turns up dead in America, Ressler fears he may be next, as he was part of the team searching for Red back then. He grabs Audrey and attempts to take her somewhere safe, but his car is rammed by Tanida’s driver. In the ensuing melee, Tanida shoots and kills Audrey. Ressler vows to take out Tanida, despite warnings from Cooper and Red to let other agents take it from here. Collaborating with an old FBI buddy named Bobby Jonica who was also on that task force, Ressler locates Tanida, but later learns that Bobby is the mysterious “Tensei” – the man who took over Tanida’s crime operation while the latter was in prison; by the time Mako was arrested, Bobby murdered Mako’s brother, Aiko, and covered his death to use his identity. Ressler attempts coercing Bobby into committing suicide before being stopped by Elizabeth, though Bobby ultimately does kill himself. Later at home, Ressler receives a gift from Reddington: a box containing Tanida’s severed head. Meanwhile, Lucy/Jolene announces plans to move in next to Tom and Elizabeth, but Tom later meets Lucy in a hideout and the two converse about mutual, though possibly conflicting, plans to get to Red in order to provide an unknown entity named “Berlin” with answers. Tom assures Lucy he has done everything he could to maintain the ruse of his devotion to Elizabeth, but complications arose when he was knifed by the men sent for Red, causing Elizabeth to find his fake passports and cash. Later, Red enjoys a private ballet show of Swan Lake being a wealthy donor.

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