Case Profile for Madeline Pratt

Madeline Pratt (Jennifer Ehle), a former professional and personal interest of Red’s, enlists Red’s help in stealing a statue called the Effigy of Ashtart in the Syrian embassy. The statue secretly contains coordinates for Soviet nuclear detonation codes, which has the interest of the Russian mob. Red enlists Elizabeth’s aid in the operation, only for the pair to be double-crossed by Pratt. Faking their capture, Red succeeds in getting the location of the Effigy and the coordinates from Pratt. The statue is secured and one of Pratt’s allies is arrested. Pratt is able to free herself and steals a precious painting from Red. Meanwhile, Cooper’s investigation into Diane Fowler’s disappearance is effectively stonewalled by Special Agent Walter Gary Martin of the D.C. Bureau, who says the orders “came from the top.”

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