Case Profile for The Good Samaritan

Red remains missing and conducts his own investigation to hunt down those who betrayed him during the Anslo Garrick incident. The entire FBI team is under investigation as internal affairs tries to find the mole. Aram is initially suspected, but Red is able to prove he was set up. Meanwhile, a serial killer from Liz’s past, “The Good Samaritan” (guest star Frank Whaley), strikes again. Elizabeth is allowed to join the hunt for the killer, as Cooper knows Red will likely realize how much this unsolved case means to Elizabeth and reach out to help her. Soon Elizabeth discovers the victims are all linked through abusing a family member, and that the killer was likely an abuse victim himself. Though she finally kills the Good Samaritan, she gives the man’s final near-victim (guest star Frank Pando) a warning to treat his wife better or she’ll make him regret hurting her. Red confronts a financier named Henry Krueger (Victor Slezak) for betraying him and shoots him, forcing the wounded Kreuger to give up the name Newton Phillips, who is in fact Red’s aide. Red later confronts Phillips for leaking his location to Garrick and kills him via suffocation even though he asked him to make it look like an accident. Red then visits Elizabeth to tell her that “his house is clean” now, but hers isn’t, explaining that Phillips couldn’t have pulled this off by himself and that there’s another mole inside the unit.

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