Case Profile for Anslo Garrick Part 1

Anslo Garrick (Ritchie Coster), a terrorist who once worked with Red but parted from him on bad terms, initiates an attack in an effort to assassinate Red. During the raid, Donald is severely wounded from a shotgun blast to the leg. Red carries him to a bulletproof holding cell and the two remain locked inside, as Red attends to Donald’s wound. Elizabeth gets stuck in an elevator but frees herself. She works her way through the facility, taking out Garrick’s men along the way, until one of them knocks her unconscious. A code is needed to free Red from the cell and without it, Garrick starts killing people. Harold is the only one who knows the code, but refuses to give it to Garrick. Red is forced to watch as Garrick kills Luli. He begs Harold to open the cell to no avail. With Garrick now with a gun to his head, Dembe tells Red that he’s not afraid to die and that they’ll meet again. The two say goodbye to each other by reciting a verse from the Quran. A gunshot is heard as the episode cuts to black.

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