Case Profile for General Ludd

Elizabeth uncovers an elaborate plot to destroy the country’s financial system when a new name on the blacklist, General Ludd (Justin Kirk), is revealed by Red. Red demands access to the ViCAP database in return for his help. Meanwhile, Tom informs Liz that her adoptive father Sam’s cancer has returned. Due to the terror caused by General Ludd’s group, Liz is unable to fly to her adoptive father Sam’s (guest star William Sadler) hospital. Meanwhile, Red goes to the hospital and talks to Sam, who says he wants to tell Liz the truth about her family. Red tells Sam that Elizabeth must never know the truth, and then smothers Sam with a pillow after the latter expresses the wish that he not die a slow death from his disease. General Ludd is able to steal a hard drive containing the blueprints for newly minted U.S. currency. However, Red is able to capture him and steal the hard drive before turning Ludd over to the FBI. Elizabeth finds out that her father has died. Red uses his new access to ViCAP to look up the number the Chinese gave him in “Wujing”; it’s the number of a file on a woman named Lucy Brooks. Red comforts Elizabeth as she mourns her father.

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