Case Profile for The Stewmaker

Elizabeth testifies against drug lord Hector Lorca (Clifton Collins, Jr.) when a vital witness is kidnapped. Red believes the witness was taken by The Stewmaker (Tom Noonan), a chemical expert who uses chemicals to dissolve his victims, who is also believed to have been responsible for countless disappearances. Elizabeth appeals to Lorca to help capture the Stewmaker, only to become the Stewmaker’s captive. Red and Ressler are forced to work together; Ressler poses as an inside man when they meet with Lorca to obtain contact information for the Stewmaker (real name Stanley Kornish). Meanwhile, Elizabeth is being tortured by Stanley with injected chemicals. Red finds Kornish’s hideout, saves Elizabeth, and kills him by pushing him into the chemical bath Kornish had prepared for Elizabeth. Red also steals a photograph from the picture album containing all Kornish’s victims. Elizabeth tries to find out something about the homicide perpetrated with her husband’s hidden weapon and finds out when and where it occurred – in Boston, while she was there with Tom, who said he had a job interview at the hotel where the murder occurred.

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