Case Profile for Dave Porter

For over four seasons we have featured the music from the show in our characters section of the podcast and where it typically focuses on the songs there is more music that truly brings an episode of The Blacklist to life. Enter Dave Porter. Dave is responsible for all those dramatic moments, the swells of emotion, the intensity of the car chase. It is Dave Porter’s craftsmanship that truly breathes the soul into the life of an episode that pulls on our emotional strings each and every week.

On September 22, 2017 Dave released his latest soundtrack compilation entitled The Blacklist (Original Score from the Television Series) now available on Amazon Music and iTunes for purchase, as well as streaming on both Apple Music and Spotify. The album spans 26 tracks and features iconic themes from the show including tracks like “Liz Under Fire”, “Agnes”, “Story of Berlin”, and the haunting tones of “Cape May”. Plus if you watch the show live you may ask yourself what do the ending credits sound like? Well you’re in luck as they are included here as well.

Dave Porter

Dave is best known as the series composer for the Emmy-acclaimed drama “Breaking Bad,” scoring all 62 episodes and creating its iconic theme. Actor/Producer Bryan Cranston stated: “With his music, Dave Porter has created another character for Breaking Bad. Evocative and meaningful, Dave’s work is an essential part of the storytelling.” For his work on the series, Dave was awarded the inaugural ASCAP Composer’s Choice Award by his peers as Best Television Composer of 2013. He was also nominated for Best TV Composer by the World Soundtrack Academy Awards in 2017.

Dave currently scores 3 of television’s most talked about dramas: “Better Call Saul”, “Preacher”, and our very own “The Blacklist”. Dave also created the music for the spinoff series “The Blacklist: Redemption”.