Case Profile for Jon Bokenkamp

Jon Bokenkamp stopped by to visit with all of you and chat about all things happening in the universe of The Blacklist. Throughout the course of our interview, Jon talks a bit about Redemption, how it came to be, securing Famke Janssen and Terry O’Quinn, and how the rest of the cast felt about this spin-off concept. From gadgets and gear, to high stakes and stake-outs, and finally what it is that makes Redemption its own thing yet still part of the overall universe of The Blacklist.

Then they discuss the biggest question on the board. No not if Red is Liz’s Mom, but the one, the only, Mr. Kaplan! Was the hand grab the right move at the end of Mato? Do network promos still have a place? But most importantly is she ultimately behind the poisoning in the flat with the scotch? Jon also shares a bit on what is to come when the show returns April 20th for a two-parter that will rival Cape May in ideology, so if you love the mythology start counting down the days!


C2E2 – Inside The Blacklist with Jon Bokenkamp

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