Case Profile for Megan Boone an Interview

Over the past three seasons one character has been through more than any other on The Blacklist. Today Megan Boone stops by to chat with the guys about Agent Elizabeth Keen, but more so about Megan herself. In today’s world of media frenzy and social media especially, it is hard sometimes to remember that there is a person hearing those words someone types or speaks, and Megan shares with us how she is trying to assist in crafting a world for future generations that can be as civil online as we should be in person.

In season three, the unthinkable happened to Agent Keen. She died. Well she didn’t die but to take it to that extreme to protect herself, her daughter, sums up just how messed up Liz’s situation is. Where does Megan channel those feelings from? What drives her to create the character of Elizabeth Keen the way she has? When you hear this interview you will most certainly look at the character of Liz differently, and maybe even the world and your actions in it.

Megan not only is an actress but a student of the arts. During the interview she tells a story about a project in school surrounding eggshells and the short film she made reflecting on that experience. The film will move you in ways you may not expect, and just might make you think differently about certain situations. We have included it below for you to view yourself.

Big thanks to Megan for stopping by and chatting with all the fans. If there is something that moved you in anyway during the interview or even from the short film, please share it in the comments below or by email so that we can share them with Megan.

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