Case Profile for Season Wrap up with Jon Bokenkamp

It was a season that started off with Red and Liz on the run attempting to exonerate Liz for the events at the end of season 2. In the process it introduced the highest ranking US members of The Cabal, hot on Red’s trail for releasing the information in the Fulcrum. Just as Red completes his take over of the cabal, both he and Liz are put into great danger now that the world knows the name Masha Rostova. It leads up to a finale that introduces someone to us that we all thought dead since the show began.

Creator, Jon Bokenkamp joins us to share his thoughts on what one word sums up season three of The Blacklist, how the relationships of our characters evolved over the season as well as how they pulled off some of the most sensitive subjects dealt with today in gender reassignment and special needs children. He also entertains questions from the fans, talks about how the “mother theory” can still be in play, as well as the dynamic love/hate relationship the fans have around the character of Tom Keen.

We also share our favorite moments of the third season and yours while we also look ahead to what we want more or less of in season 4 both from the show and the podcast. We thank you, Jon thanks you, and we hope you enjoy this season three finale show as we get ready to unravel more mysteries next season on The Blacklist.

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