Case Profile for Lady Ambrosia

A fairy tale called Lady Ambrosia comes to life as a woman, dealing with her developmentally disabled son, kidnaps other children dealt the same fate. Through the disguise of an adoption agency her husband collects the children. Unfortunately one of these children happens to be the daughter of one of Red’s associates. One child manages to escape and confides in soon to be mother Liz, which let’s us see just how good, or bad of a parent she may be. Meanwhile Tom is living the high life with his crazy ex-girlfriend, who turns out to actually be crazy jealous. It is a tale of change both for Liz and for Red this episode so release the butterflies and cuddle up in your fort as we discuss number 77 this week.

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Lady Ambrosia In Pictures

Here are a just a few of our favorite scenes from this week.
Lady Ambrosia

Red’s Rhetoric

Last week 56% percent of you think that having a city wide network of undercover spies is pretty cool. Just remember the next time you stay at a hotel then that someone is always watching. this week our first scene comes when red is discussing his time in captivity. The second is when Red gives us a tale of two brothers. Which was your favorite this week vote in the facebook group or in the twitter polls. If you believe that sign is a beautiful language vote #RedSign or if you think Theo is beautiful vote #RedUgly.

The Music of Lady Ambrosia

This week we hear “I still Remember” by Linda Crowe during the scene when Theo suffocates Ethan’s Mom Jeanne while talking to Noah as well as “Just Breathe” By Don Brownrigg when Ethan is reunited with his father, Tom gets rushed into surgery, and Liz reads Wizard of Oz to the baby.

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