Case Profile for Alistair Pitt

Tony Shalhoub leaves crime solving, for criminal mastermind as he takes on the guise of Alistair Pitt, a man who solves problems by uniting crime families together through marriage. Supported by a family of business dealings of his own, and two cute Pomeranians, Alistair seeks to unite two of the biggest crime families on the east coast in order to advance his business. Red, Liz and the rest of the gang set their sights on tracking down Mr. Pitt and, as it turns out, this is a very personal case for Raymond Reddington. By making it personal though is this a sign that Red may be coming a bit unhinged? Or is it something else ailing him? We discuss that, whether you would stop watching if you new Red and Liz’s relationship, and bathtub styles all on this week’s episode.

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Alistair Pitt In Pictures

Here are a just a few of our favorite scenes from this week.
Alistair Pitt

Red’s Rhetoric

Well apparently being an outlaw is the same as being a sinner as gallup couldn’t declare a winner with the polls being so close last week. The rough count showed #RedOutlaw with a slight advantage but Iowa hadn’t checked in yet since they were busy with a different vote this week. This week our first scene comes as Red decides to wake up from his day dreamingOur second comes when Red does what he does best, enjoying a fine beverage. Which was your favorite this week? let us know in the facebook group, or vote in the twitter poll. If you love an all knowing network of hard working people vote #RedEyes or if you prefer a good telenovela vote #RedToast.

The Music of Alistair Pitt

This week “Claire De Lune” by Claude Debussy plays in the background when Josephine tells Red she is getting married,
“Carmen Suite No. 1: Intermezzo” by Georges Bizet plays as Alistair takes his bath with those adorable Pomeranians,
and “Demon Days” by Robert Forster plays as Liz finds out that an open adoption may not be in the cards for her continuing into the scene with Red letting Josephine know IT’S DONE.

You can hear these songs via the official Blacklist playlist on Spotify or the same playlist recreated by us on Apple Music.

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