Case Profile for The Director Conclusion

Red’s Eleven has assembled and it is time to put the master plan in motion for this week’s episode of The Blacklist Exposed! As Liz awaits certain death, Red and his band of merry men and woman have begun their steps to take on The Director head-first, and free our beloved Liz in the process. The fates of Liz, Karakurt, and The Director himself all lay in the balance as we break down the conclusion of No. 24 The Director.

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The Director Conclusion In Pictures

Here are a just a few of our favorite scenes from this week.
The Director

Red’s Rhetoric

This week 61% of you have a fascination with graveyards or just like knowing you can have Red in your back pocket as #RedDebt won last week. In this week’s first clip Red finally shows us his hand as the plan is set into motion. In the second clip Red chats with Peter about how famous he is about to become. Which was your favorite? Vote in the twitter polls, comment on facebook and let us know if you would rather be the declarer rather than the dummy by voting#RedTrump or vote #RedTrend if you are a trendsetter just like the director.

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