Amir Arison Interview

It is hard to talk about The Blacklist without immediately thinking about Red and Liz, about the blacklisters, the witty dialogue, the international issues, and horrible family dynamics in the Keen household. In fact the show itself is kind of depressing when you think about it on the surface. That’s why the show, as a character itself, needs its edges softened, some humor injected into it. Enter Agent Aram Mojtabai.

For over three seasons now Amir Arison has been the one to lighten up the room whether playing with his hair, collecting finger prints off old coffee cans, cycling to work, or getting get well cards for his team. But like all good character shows, the character of Aram only really came to be because of the great work of Amir and his craft. Never originally slated to be an integral part of the team or story, Amir breathed life into one of the most likable characters on the show, even by Red himself. But how did we get to the Aram in the season 3 fall finale that left him without his best friend, without his team, and not really in a laughing mood? In this interview Amir shares:

  • His early days as an actor in grade school and high school
  • How supportive his parents were then and still are today of his craft
  • How work on his other shows helped him get the part on The Blacklist
  • Why Aram was originally named Morgan Hackett
  • How and when “Aram” was born
  • Shares about his bond with Hisham Tawfiq
  • His respect for James Spader both in character and in real life
  • Shares the craziest and scariest things about the FBI and how it relates to the show
  • Discusses all that drama in the season three fall finale, and how they approached those scenes
  • Answers some of your questions
  • And distributes life lessons in the art of the 6 “F”s

Sit back, take the hand of someone you care about, and prepare to be filled with energy and excitement! This interview will show you who Aram is really at his core, who Amir is at HIS core, and why the two will be forever intertwined. Plus Amir’s favorite scenes on The Blacklist are ones we haven’t even seen yet!

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The Blacklist Comic Issue 5 Cover

Comic Book Writer Interview

The final issue of Series 1 of “The Blacklist Comic Book” concluded the story of The Gambler. If you have not yet read the 5 issues in series 1 you can order them from Titan Comics or purchase them via the Comixology app for iOS or Android. In late January issue 1 of series 2 will hit the stands and we will chat with the writer of the series, Nicole Phillips. Until then have a safe holiday season and we will see you January 9th to discuss Part 1 of “The Director”!

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