Jon Bokenkamp Interview

During the holiday season giving back is something we as a human race should attempt to do more often. So we here at The Blacklist Exposed are excited to share some special episodes with you, the fans, over the coming weeks. Our first holiday episode is with a man who not only gave of his time to chat with us, but also reached out directly because he wanted the opportunity to chat with all of you.

It took us a bit to work out the logistics, but we are finally pleased to present the creator, the man himself, Mr. Jon Bokenkamp. Jon truly is an amazing person, truly humble in his success, caring about every detail of the show including the fans. In this interview Jon shares:

  • His journey from small town USA to his dreams in Los Angeles
  • Pitching Television ideas to network executives
  • Where his inspiration comes from
  • How the story has evolved as the seasons progress
  • Insight into Megan Boone’s audition
  • How close The Blacklist was to being a mid season show
  • His favorite Blacklisters
  • How the music is discovered and added to the show
  • Discussion around story concepts pertaining to Ressler and Samar
  • Shares Season 4 renewal news
  • Answers some of your questions
  • And weighs in on the ultimate theory, is Red Liz’s Mom

Jon Bokenkamp Interview

The World Theater

If there is one thing to thank for helping Jon on his journey to Hollywood and The Blacklist it would be The World Theater in his hometown of Kearny, Nebraska. Once a vaudeville theatre, the World Theatre is housed inside the local historic Masonic Temple Building. Built in 1927, the structure still houses various community groups. Few pictures of the original building remain inside the theater.

Growing up in Kearney, The World Theater filled Jon’s mind with movies and wonder of the big screen and became his inspiration for attending film school at the University of Southern California. To this day Jon gives back to The World by holding screening parties every week for The Blacklist episodes, and then connecting with those viewers afterward to discuss the episode and some behind the scenes nuggets from that week’s show. Jon continues on as the president of the The World Theater Foundation.

Jon Bokenkamp Interview

On Season 3

Jon also gave us a few nuggets about what to expect when The Blacklist returns on Janunary 7th to NBC. We must not forget that Liz did in fact shoot the Attorney General of the United States in cold blood. Though her name may be cleared of two other counts of terror, her path to the dark side may just be getting started. Episodes 9 and 10 are going to amazing both in content and in music.

Toward the back half of the season we are going to see big turns that may shake up the story and structure a bit. Look out for dopplegangers, fairytales, and maybe even a character from season one creeping back in. Samar won’t be gone for long, that neighbor across the street may not be out of the picture, and Red continues to be well Red. Season 3, all the way to the end, will be green lights as we watch Red’s plan unfold. Buckle up as it is going to be a ride that only The Blacklist can give.

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Jon Bokenkamp Interview

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